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Dynashield Polymer Armour is a specially designed composite which is applied onto the receiver surface to which it bonds, being built up in layers until the required thicknesses/protection level is reached.

This multifunctional state of the art composite can be applied to buildings, vehicles, pipelines and other applications both static and transient. This retrofit procedure introduces ductility and resilience to the surface to which it is applied. The elastomeric coating bonds to the surface to which it is applied forming a tough elastic membrane.

The membrane does not rupture thus eliminating fragmentation and containing debris. In the event of an explosion the composite enhances the bending strength of the surface preventing fragments entering protected space and thus preventing injury or death. In addition to the protection from blast and ballistics the protection against fire and earthquake is of high significance.

This spray on polymer retrofit technique offers the solution to a wide range of requirements which decreases the vulnerability of human life. It deforms and effectively dissipates the blast energy whilst containing fragmentation.

Dynashield Polymer Armour has undergone an extensive trials regime and has been shown to significantly reduce the blast and ballistic threat to vehicles, buildings and other elements by absorbing, dissipating and reflecting blast energy; capturing fragments; increasing bending strength; and sealing entry holes. Dynashield Polymer Armour also has high utility in strengthening buildings vulnerable to earthquake damage and as an extremely hard wearing protective coating.


• 100% solids. No solvents, No VOC’s

• Fast set: Handle in two minutes or less. Hydrophobic, therefore unaffected

by damp, cool surfaces during application

• Extended tack time to allow deep surface penetration

• High temperature stability up to 250° F (121 °C) with intermittent

temperatures up to 300° F (148 °C)

• High abrasion resistance

• ASTM E84-97a and complies with NFPA and UBC Class 1 Fire Rating


Recommended uses

• Elastic membrane preventing spalling and keeping the blast wave out of the building.

• Coating for steel of other substrate exposed to corrosion

• Oil pipe lines

• Liner for concrete tanks, ponds, reservoirs, steel tanks, silos, pipes, irrigation ditches, tunnels, barges, etc.

• Replace or repair failed existing sheet membrane liners

• Encapsulation material for EPS or other types of flotation materials

• Encapsulation material for asbestos, lead paint or other dry hazardous materials (Consult Dynasystems)

• Earth containment used with or without geotextile


Post Ballistic Trauma Permeability Tests

The physical properties of Dynashield SP allow it to reclose after penetration to the point of resealing. It has the ability to prevent or reduce fuel and chemical leaks from tanks and pipe lines and the potential of fire. When applied to a properly prepared surface at an adequate thickness it can provide a measure of safety for new and existing fluid handling systems.


General Application Instructions

Apply Dynashield SP to clean, dry and sound surfaces free of loose particles or other foreign matter. A primer may be required, subject to the type and condition of the substrate. A Dynasystems technician will evaluate and then recommend the required primer and substrate preparation procedures as well as pricing and auxiliary equipment.

Dynashield SP can be sprayed over a broad range of ambient and substrate temperatures. It is recommended that Dynashield SP be sprayed in multi-directional (north-south/east-west) passes to ensure uniform thickness.



It should be noted that Dynashield SP is an aromatic polyurea, therefore, as with all aromatics over a period of time slight colour change as well as superficial surface oxidation will occur.

Aliphatic urethane and other suitable topcoats can be used where long-term aesthetics are of critical importance.

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* High level of protection
* Protection for new and existing structures
* Simple to build (unskilled labour)
* Low weight
* Easy to transport
* Temporary or permanent
* Attractive appearance
* Long Life
* Can be used in place of traditional brick-work
* Can be producd on-site, if required




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