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Dynasystems Blast and Ballistic window systems provides the highest performance currently available in Blast and Ballistic mitigation technologies.

The window systems unique performance is achieved by the incorporation of an unique energy absorbing mechanism as part of the window framing system. This advanced technology allows for the window to resist pressures and impulses emanating from an explosion event to a level that is higher than 200mm reinforced concrete walls with only 23mm of glass.

This unique technology has been developed over the last seven years and was tested and certified by the US TSWG, CoE and other Government organisations.

Dynasystems window systems are currently installed in numerous high profile installations worldwide. These include Embassies, Military bases and perimeter towers, UN headquarters and sensitive private installations such as airports, banks, corporate headquarters etc.

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The Dynatower windows are manufactured as bespoke elements based on the project requirements. Window specifications can range as follows:

Architectural Features:

Size: User Defined, the windows can be manufactured from small sizes to curtain wall systems.

Shape: windows can be manufactured in rectangular shapes, arched shapes and any other unique bespoke requirement

Colour: user defined

Operating: windows can be manufactured to be fixed, tilt, swing or tilt & swing opening mechanism.

Protection Capabilities:

Blast resistance: up to 500psi and 650 psi.msec

Ballistic resistance: up to 0.5 Cal rounds

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