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Dynasystems Blast Film can be applied to all glazed surfaces.  It is designed to maintain window debris/glass shard together during the event of a blast and by that reduce the level of risk to the building occupants.

The Dynasystems Blast Film, when applied with additional accessories such as the No-Bar system significantly increases the resistance of the glazed elements to the effects of blast loading and Force Entry.

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a. General Standards and Ratings
• Approved to European Standard EN12600, 1 B 1 – Glass Impact Test

• Approved CPSC 1201, Cat 2 (100 lb. - 48", pendulum fall) – Break-Safe Test

  • GSA level C tested by ARA: 600lbs, 188 ft,
  • Average Measured Peak Pressure: 4.4 psi,
  • Average Measured Positive Impulse: 30 psi-msec.
  • (Hazard level: low. Protection level: High. 2- 3b).

• Approved by EN 356, Class P1 – Resistance to
Manual Attack.

• Approved British Standard 6206: 1981, Class A.

• Approved to DIN 52290 – German Impact (steel ball) test.

b. Dynashield™ 8 Mil X Ply Clear

c. Dynashield™ 12 Mil X Ply Clear

Optical & Solar Properties
Visible Light Transmitted 84 %
Visible Light Reflected 10 %
Ultra Violet Block 93 %
Total Solar Energy Reflected 10 %
Total Solar Energy Transmitted 76 %
Total Solar Energy Absorbed 14 %
Shading Coefficient 0.92
Total Solar Energy Rejected 20 %

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