DUCS Design

The Dynasystems Universal Construction System (DUCS) is a flexible building system which consists of a pre-fabricated framework allowing forrapid on-site assembly.


As a modular system, units can be used individually or combined to create more complex structures which provide solutions for a variety of requirements. 

The expeditionary nature of the system allows for the construction of a fully protected structure within hours or days as appose to normal construction practise that can take several weeks.


In comparison to conventional systems, the DUCS is lightweight and requires few resources for transport and construction. Skilled labour is not required, and the structure is designed to be assembled with hand-tools.


Planning considerations include cost, length of deployment, threat-level, political perception, and the likelihood of reuse.

It has been designed with simplicity in mind.





DUCS Protection

The level of protection in DUCS is scalable, in accordance to operational requirements.


DUCS structure has achieved the highest level of ballistic and fragment protection, protecting its occupants from direct fire threats that exceed 0.5 cal bullet and fragments in excess of 155 mm rocket warheads.


The system also provides the highest level of protection against VBIED and other explosive events. In full-scale explosive tests, it achieved performance that exceeds pressures of 1,000 psi and impulses of 1,200 psi.msec emanating from charge ranging up to 2,000 kg of explosive.


All test and trial have been undertaken and documented by a number of international authorities including US Army Corps of Engineers, US TSWG, US Air Force Research Laboratories, NL TNO, UK MoD, and UK Royal Engineers.




DUCS Protective Housing

The flexible system can be used on expeditionary military operations that need either permanent or relocatable structures.

The system was designed with protection in mind and a wide variety of materials can be used to protect against blast and ballistic threats.


It uses advanced material science and energy absorbing technology for protection, providing redeployable modules.

As a modular system, it provides great flexibility in the planning stage, and can be used to provide a range of facilities, from accommodation blocks to extensive medical units.


DUCS Low-Cost Housing

The system offers the ability to construct a variety of buildings to a set design in remote areas “straight from the crate” and with the maximal use of local available materials and resources.

The flexibility of the entire system gives the end user a number of options that previously have not been available.


The structures can also be used in response to a natural disaster where housing is needed at short notice.

The materials used can be adapted to local requirements in relation to fire hazards and structural integrity.






DUCS Guard Tower

The universal construction system can be assembled vertically to achieve protected or unprotected guard towers.


Unlike conventional precast guard towers, DUCS guard tower are containerised / palletised so that they can be easily transported and built on-site rapidly.


The protection in the tower can be designed to suit the nature of threat from small arms to large artillery. To complete the level of protection the tower can be provided with blast & ballistic doors and windows.

The DUCS cube is a basic module skeleton structure that can be infilled with several types of materials to provide different levels of protection in accordance with the mission requirement in the following scale:


  1. Environmental protection panels create normal, rapidly deployed shelter structures to protect against water, wind, heat, cold and other environmental effects

  2. Ballistic protection panels – In addition to the above, provides protection against ballistic threats in accordance to STANAG levels – up to STANAG level IV.

  3. Blast and Ballistic protection – The highest level of protection – will protect against the highest level of blast threats as well as in excess of 0.5 cal AP ballistic threats. This solution requires the add-on of concrete fill in between the deployed panels.




DUCS Control Unit

The control unit system design adds integration of service units such as stairs, interior furniture and in-built conduits for data & power requirements.

The control unit can be integrated with the guard tower.



The construction system provides flexibility to achieve required architectural finishes in the interiors and exteriors.


Air conditioning requirements are also available.

DUCS Tower Blast Test
DUCS Tower Pre Blast
DUCS Tower Post Blast

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