Dynasystems Limited is a UK based company that manufactures a range of Blast & Ballistic mitigation products and systems.

DYNATOWER - Advanced Precast & Redeployable Blast and Ballistic Resistant Guard Tower.

DYNABLOK - Advanced Blast and Ballistic Walling system includes: Protective Barriers & Modular Buildings.

DYNASHIELD - Advanced Blast and Ballistic Window System includes: Window Films, Window Retrofits & Blast Windows.

DYNAENTRYCONTROL - Advanced and Durable Entry Control Systems includes: Bollards, Fences, Classic & Lockdown Turnstiles.

DYNASHIELD SP - Ultra High Strength Elastomer includes: Polymer Armour.

Dynasystems products have been subjected to extensive testing by a variety of international government testing and evaluation agencies. Our products have been installed in a number of high profile military and civil locations in some of the world’s most hostile environments, these include headquarters, embassies and other diplomatic missions.

Dynasystems is UKAS and ANAB accredited to the ISO 9001:2008 standard for “the provision of security and protection solutions, equipment and support services to governments, NGO’s and commercial organisations”. We apply strict Quality Control procedures for all our products.

ISO Accredation