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Blast Resistant Dynablok Wall
Dynablok Installation
Dynablok Wall

Advanced Blast & Ballistic Perimeter Security Systems 


Increased level of protection

The Dynablok wall system is based on a composition of reinforced concrete encased between two linked Dynablok panels. The composite material property allows the wall to increase its energy absorbent capability by allowing the wall to bend without spall up to a rotation angle of 8 degrees, nearly twice that of a regular reinforced concrete wall.


Easy to construct
The Dynablok wall system is designed to use the Dynablok panels as the formwork for concrete pouring, thus eliminating the need for complex formwork assembly and disassembly. Dynablok panels are designed with an interlocking mechanism and connectors which enable speed and ease of construction in theatre.


Environmental properties
The Dynablok walling system is recognised as a “green” building technology due to its use of recycled materials, which also provides excellent thermal and acoustic insulation as well as being fire-resistant.


The Dynablok panels are lightweight and easy to handle, resulting in nearly 30 percent reduced total wall weight compared to a typical concrete wall. This allows for better protection with less mass which results in smaller support footprints as well as an excellent solution for prefabricated elements.


Upgradeable solution
The Dynablok protective walling system can be easily upgraded by applying a Dynasystems Polymer retrofit layer to the Dynablok panels. The Polymer further increases the ability of the system to bend without spalling, thus increasing further the energy absorbent capabilities of the system.


Testing & certifications
The Dynablok wall system has undergone extensive government sponsored research and development programmes which comprised of laboratory tests, full scale explosive tests and analytical models. This was in order to develop a lightweight and easy to construct enhanced blast mitigation solution for deployment. The tests and trials on the Dynablok walling system have been undertaken and documented by a number of International Authorities including US Army Corps of Engineers, US TSWG, US Air Force Research Laboratories, NL TNO, UK MOD, UK DERA, and UK Royal Engineers.




Typical design of single layer and double layer DYNABLOK protective walls - total thickness, arrangement of layers & amount of reinforcement depend on definition of threat.

Typical design of retrofitting of existing structures with single layer of DYNABLOK™ protective walls - design thickness is determined by level of threat.

Protective Walling System 

The Dynablok Protective Walling System provides a higher level of protection, compared to "regular" concrete T barriers.

Modular Design


The blocks are designed to interlock, so that the wall acts as one piece. Every wall is inspected to verify that the correct level of re-bar and the right PSI concrete infill has been utilised. The walling system combines two of the most advance blast and ballistic protection systems to offer an advanced level of protection against loss of life and assets in a blast scenario.




Protective walling system has been implemented in different locations worldwide providing high levels of protection for various private, government and military establishments such as Military Forward Operating Bases, Entry Control Points, Perimeter Defence systems etc.


Testing & certifications

Our Walling system has been specifically developed to defeat the effects of high order pressure waves. This system is tested & improved in conjunction with government agencies such as TSWG (US), CoE (US) UK MoD, DERA, and DSTL UK, and government contracted commercial firms such as QinetiQ UK, Explora Security Ltd UK, Explosives Manufacturing Industries Ltd & others.

The Dynablok protective technology allows for the build of relatively low weight modular units that can be assembled into different types of cluster structures. These units provide efficient blast, ballistic and physical protection for its occupants.


The expeditionary nature of the construction allows for the build of such units in various conflict zones worldwide.


The modular units can be assembled to create:

- Cubicle Guard houses / Safe rooms

- Small, Medium and Large structures configuration (Accommodation, Offices, DFAIT, Command and Control Centres, etc)



Dynablok Barrier

In order to meet the ever changing operations both in the military and protection of National Infrastructure fields, it is necessary to have systems which provide the best possible protection.

Dynasystems provides a 2 metre blast resistant barrier which is ideal for compartmentalisation of tented or containerised camps to reduce the effects of indirect fire weapons such as mortars or rockets. This structure is designed to provide mitigation from blast from large detonations as well as from direct explosions. Dynasystems barriers are able to be transported and redeployed if required should a perimeter change in size or shape. 

Whether you require temporary roadblocks, perimeter fencing, or concrete security blocks, Dynasystems can provide Dynablok barriers to suit your needs. These barriers act as part of Hostile Vehicle Mitigation in order to prevent vehicle-ramming attacks. 

Dynablok Barrier
Dynablok Barriers
Dynablok Barrier
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