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7M Tower
10m Blast Resistant Dynatower

Advanced Precast & Redeployable Watch Towers


Modular Design

The Dynatower is a blast resistant watch tower which is constructed from precast modular units, each with their own characteristics (entrance module, observation module and a staircase module). This design allows flexibility for a variety of purposes, allowing the Dynatower to be built from a 5 metres height to a maximum of 44 metres high. The Dynatower can be re-deployed for use in different operations and applications.



Integral Structure

The Dynatower modules are shipped equipped with all necessary fixtures to enable its full operation. The staircase, windows and other internal accessories are integral for each module, enabling the Dynatower to be fully operational with assembly taking only a few hours.



High Blast and Ballistic Resistant Performance

The Dynatower incorporates innovative and proprietary force protection systems and technologies such as high grade concrete mixtures, energy absorbing blast resistant windows and energy diverting cylindrical shape. These allow the Dynatower to withstand greater threats and blast loads when compared to a conventionally designed tower.



Upgrade Solutions

The basic Dynatower can be upgraded with the addition of various equipments such as machine gun mounts, firing ports and air-conditioning units. A simple rooftop access allows for the installation of other equipment on the roof such as automated machine gun mounts, long range scanning devices and communication equipment for example.



Testing & Certification

Our Dynatower product has undergone continuous testing and development in live fire exercises to ensure its reliability. These tests have been conducted with and in accordance to those methods and practices approved by NATO, US TSWG and UK MOD amongst others. Crash test dummies and pressure gauges are used to simulate the damage caused to the human body. The Dynatower can survive the most severe tests with little or no over pressure and absolutely no spalling. The effectiveness of the design has been proven to minimise injury and loss of life.








Dynatower Components

Foundation Slab

A circular precast concrete slab.

Entrance Module

A cylindrical concrete precast element which includes the following:

  • Blast and ballistic resistant door, 70cm wide and 185 cm high with an internal manual latch.

  • Blast and ballistic resistant  observation window, 30cm wide and 20cm high, visible from the entrance platform.

  • Internal 10 step spiral steel staircase leading to an intermediate steel landing.

  • Two large storage shelves that can be used as sleeping bays.

  • External steel stairs and landing.

Observation Deck Module

A  cylindrical concrete precast element which includes the following:

  • Blast and ballistic resistant observation window, 30cm wide and 20cm high, visible from the entrance module spiral stairs.

  • 6 step steel ladder leading to the observation deck platform.

  • Corrugated steel observation deck platform with a sliding trapdoor over the ladder hatch allowing usage of the entire 4.9 square meter surface.

  • Comfortably accommodates 3 occupants.

  • The platform is connected to the Dynatower structure through a special energy absorbent system diminishing shock vibration effects in the event of a blast.

Cupola Module

  • A heptagonal shaped steel structure containing 7 manual operated blast and ballistic resistant sliding windows.

  • Glass ballistic resistance of a minimum 7.62mm/5.56mm NATO ball multi-strike NIJ standard.

Roof Module

  • Specially engineered element designed to withstand indirect fire projectiles.

  • Easy and accessible folded ladder to allow access from the observation deck.

7m Blast Resistant Dynatower
7-Metre High Dynatower 
10-Metre High Dynatower 
10M Tower

Blast Test

Pre Blast Test of 7M Dynatower
Blast resistant 7m Dynatower Pre Blast Test
Post Blast Test of 7M Dynatower
Blast resistant 7m Dynatower Post Blast Test
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