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Defence Sector Projects 

Dynasystems have supplied to many clients within the defence market in some of the world's most hostile environments such as:

  • NATO

  • United Nations

  • Military

  • Embassies

  • Headquarters

  • Diplomatic Missions

Security and protection has a large presence within the defence market and it has a crucial role to play in safeguarding national security, generating economic prosperity, promoting stability overseas, as well as responding effectively to crises. Therefore it is important that they receive the most advanced protection and security that there is.

Some of the redeployable products & systems that we have supplied to the defence market include: 

Entry Control Point Pilot Programme (ECPPP) – Middle East

Dynasystems were involved in the Entry Control Point Pilot Programme (ECPPP) through supplying and installing a state-of-the-art Entry Control Operation in order to act as a template for US bases in high threat environments within the Middle East.

The Entry Control Operation which included Barriers & Bollards, Dynashield, Dynatower and Dynablok, was installed to reduce direct human contact until the threat of an IED had been reduced as far as possible. All personnel are located in blast resistant buildings for normal operations, therefore they are able to conduct the normal running of the organisation whilst the project is taking place. Buildings have capacity to survive a large IED attack so that troops can fight off subsequent multi-phase assaults.

Products - Dynasystems contributed to this project:

Installation of Dynasystems Bollards
Installation of 7m Dynatower and Dynablok Structure
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Entry Control System Installation - Middle East 

An international organisation required perimeter security and protection in a number of their bases such as their Headquarter within the Middle East.  This base is in a high threat environment and therefore the provision of perimeter force protection is vital in order to protect their assets and the people within it.


Dynasystems provided this organisation with numerous products and systems which included Anti-Ram Bollards, Security Turnstile, Dynablok, (protective walling system) Polymer Armour and Dynashield (Ballistic Protection Windows and Doors). These products were installed by specialised trained employees to ensure effective protection against blasts and explosions.


Products- Dynasystems contributed to this project:

Installation of Dynablok
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Installation of Dynablok at Non-Governmental Organisation

A Non-Governmental organisation, that is based within Europe, required perimeter protection to shield their three columns of the conference hall against the blast effects of a specified blast dynamic load activated nearby the HQ. The conference hall is situated in an undisclosed location within Europe.


In order to protect the HQ against these blast effects, Dynasystems provided the organisation with Dynablok (Protective Walling System) including 4 fixing adaptors. The Dynablok was shaped into a blast proof wall in order to create a secure environment for protecting the internal elements of the building. The standard of labour and equipment was of a high standard for a professional construction company; good health and safety practices were adhered to during installation. Dynasystems representatives monitored safety on this project. 

Products used-

Installation of Dynablok Wall
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Installation of Dynatower and Blast Wall - Non-Governmental Organisation 

A Non-Governmental Organisation required the installation of perimeter security which included a watch tower and blast resistant wall. This is to protect the staff and assets within the building.

Dynasystems contracted by a Construction Industry and Trade Incorporated, were contracted to supply and supervise the installation of a single Dynatower DT10M, ten meter high over-watch watch tower. The project also included the erection of a 7M high blast wall surrounding


The wall was represent leading edge blast mitigating technology incorporating Dynablok materials and hot-sprayed polymer. The design called for a solution that could be manufactured securely offsite, then erected rapidly onsite with no disruption to base operations. A dedicated construction and assembly yard was set up in this location to meet project demand.


Products used:

Installation of Dynablok with DUCS Tower
Installation of Dynablok Wall
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Installation of Polymer Coating Materials- Barracks – Middle East

A camp which is situated within the Middle East requested the installation of additional polymer coating materials to the buildings in their barracks.  The contractor proposed for the installation of the material as follows:


  • One “long” wall (approx 102 feet long)

  • One “long” and one “short” wall (approx 40 feet long)

  • One “short” wall (approx 40 feet long)



The costs associated with the openings were included in the installation cost of each of the different walls.  This spray-on polymer armour was used to protect the camp against ballistic and explosive threats.   

Polymer installation
Polymer coating installation
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