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Blast protection is vital in power station facilities as power stations represent perhaps the highest risk factor for fire and blasts. 

Dynasystems protects power plants worldwide against explosions to ensure operational safety of production and facility areas.  


Our security measures that we have in place prevent criminals from gaining access to critical equipment or approaching close enough to harm the facility with land or waterborne explosives. We do this through ensuring our contractors are provided with the ultimate protection through our products and systems whilst working on their projects. 


The utilities sector face a lot of threats such as terrorism, especially in large cities.  Dynasystems product portfolio includes solutions for all the different security areas of a power plant. Perimeter control and Entry-Control Systems are vital within energy and power plants. They provide the ability to control, monitor and restrict the movement of people, assets or vehicles, in, out and around the power plant. Dynacell provides energy and powerplants with rapid-deployable shelters that protect against explosions and fire.

The health and safety of workers and surrounding neighbours of a power plant is paramount. Therefore, having the correct security products and systems in place to protect them from blasts is crucial. 

General view of a Power Plant
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