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Advanced Window Systems Against Blast Effects

Dynashield is a blast resistant glass which is able to withstand very high levels of blast and ballistic effects. Dynasystems Blast Film is designed to maintain window debris/glass shard together during the event of a blast, therefore reducing the level of risk to the building occupants.


The Dynasystems Blast Film, when applied with additional accessories such as the No-Bar system significantly increases the resistance of the glazed elements to the effects of blast loading and forced entry.

General Standards and Ratings

• Approved to European Standard EN12600, 1 B 1 – Glass Impact Test

• Approved CPSC 1201, Cat 2 (100 lb. - 48", pendulum fall) – Break-Safe Test

  • GSA level C tested by ARA: 600lbs, 188 ft,

  • Average Measured Peak Pressure: 4.4 psi,

  • Average Measured Positive Impulse: 30 psi-msec.

  • (Hazard level: low. Protection level: High. 2- 3b).

• Approved by EN 356, Class P1 – Resistance to Manual Attack.

• Approved British Standard 6206: 1981, Class A.

• Approved to DIN 52290 – German Impact (steel ball) test.



Optical & Solar Properties

Visible Light Transmitted 84 %
Visible Light Reflected 10 %
Ultra Violet Block 93 %
Total Solar Energy Reflected 10 %
Total Solar Energy Transmitted 76 %
Total Solar Energy Absorbed 14 %
Shading Coefficient 0.92
Total Solar Energy Rejected 20 %

Window Film
Dynashield Blast Resistant Window Systems
Blast resistant windows
Blast Window Retrofit

Dynashield No-Bar


A unique blast film anchoring system, easily installed on site, enabling the maximum use of the blast film’s tensile properties to resist blast pressures acting on the glazed surface.

The upgrade of an existing window pane, to resist blast pressures, can be performed on site without dismantling the window from the wall. A regular window can be retrofitted within an hour.

High performance

Blast film is frequently applied on glass surfaces to reduce the risk from shattered fragments. Without anchoring the blast film to the window frame the glass pane itself can fly inwards. This increases the probability of injuries occurring from the blast wave leaking into the building and by the flying window pane itself.  By harnessing the blast film to the window frame the window becomes a membrane which absorbs the blast loadings. Numerous blast tests have proven that Dynasystems No-Bar anchorage system provide the highest blast resistant performance achievable when applying a glazing coating solution.


The anchoring profiles are designed to blend architecturally with the existing window by creating another trim line in the frame.  The anchoring profile cover is finished to match the existing frame colour thus becoming an integral part of the window system.

Dynasystems No-Bar solution has been extensively tested and proven to provide a much higher protection level than the highest GSA level D.  Blast film without the No Bar system is known to perform only up to GSA level C.

Blast window retofit, no-bar system

Dynasystems Blast Film 300 - 600 microon

Existing glass pane

No-Bar anchoring mechanism specially designed to aesthetically blend with existing profile

Original wiindow frame

Blast Window Retrofit

Dynashield Clear-Bar System 

A catch system comprised of ultra clear polycarbonate ‘bars’. The system is easily installed on site and can retrofit an existing window against the effects of blast by preventing the glazed pane from shattering and flying inwards. It also provides an effective barrier against break-in attempts even after a blast incident.

The system can be manufactured for any type and size of window, and it is delivered to site completely ready for installation. The retrofit of a window can therefore be completed within 30 minutes. It is anchored through an aluminum frame to the building itself.

High security

The polycarbonate bars are able to provide significant protection against forced entry. This is achieved by a specially designed mechanism encapsulated in the aluminum frame that prevents any tampering with the system’s bolts and internal parts.

Dynashield Clear-Bar System
Dynashield Clear Bar System

Dynashield Cable-Catch System

Dynashield Cable-Catch system is a unique high performance retrofit solution that can be designed to fit any size of window. The high blast resistant performance of the system is achieved by the proprietary designed Energy Absorbing Units (EAU) located at the cable anchoring points.

The upgrade of an existing window pane can be performed on site, without dismantling the window from the wall.  A regular window can be retrofitted within an hour.

High performance

Due to the proprietary and patented EAU design, the Cable Catch system can resist extremely high blast loads compared to any other available retrofit solution

Dynashield Cable-Catch System
Dynashield Cable Catch System
Blast and Ballistic Windows

Dynasystems Blast and Ballistic window systems provides the highest performance currently available in Blast and Ballistic mitigation technologies.

The window systems unique performance is achieved by the incorporation of an unique energy absorbing mechanism as part of the window framing system. This advanced technology allows for the window to resist pressures and impulses emanating from an explosion event to a level that is higher than 200mm reinforced concrete walls with only 23mm of glass.

This unique technology has been developed over the last seven years and was tested and certified by the US TSWG, CoE and other Government organisations.

Dynasystems window systems are currently installed in numerous high profile installations worldwide. These include Embassies, Military bases and perimeter towers, UN headquarters and sensitive private installations such as airports and corporate headquarters.



The Dynatower windows are manufactured as bespoke elements based on the project requirements. Window specifications can range as follows:


Architectural Features:

Size: User Defined, the windows can be manufactured from small sizes to curtain wall systems.


Shape: windows can be manufactured in rectangular shapes, arched shapes and any other unique bespoke requirement


Colour: user defined


Operating: windows can be manufactured to be fixed, tilt, swing or tilt & swing opening mechanism.


Protection Capabilities:

Blast resistance: up to 500psi and 650 psi.msec

Ballistic resistance: up to 0.5 Cal rounds.

Dynashield Blast Resistant Window Systems
Blast Windows
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