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Construction and manufacturing sites are often targets for thieving, vandalism and terrorism, therefore their access and perimeter control needs to be fully secured and non-accessible from these types of threats.  


Dynasystems have supported many construction and manufacturing contractors in ensuring that they are supplied with advanced security products and systems during their projects such as Entry Control Systems and Dynablok (Protective Walling System). These help to minimise the risk of criminals accessing the site and protecting the people and assets within it. 

Our solutions are re-deployable as construction sites are constantly changing and moving around. This improves cost efficiency for clients as they are always getting value for their money. 

Health and safety within manufacturing and construction sites is vital, therefore potential hazards need to be kept to a minimum through security and protection.


Dynasystems offer integrated security solutions such as Dynasystems Universal Construction System (DUCS). This is a flexible building-system which consists of a pre-fabricated framework allowing for rapid on-site assembly. DUCS allows for the installation of a fully protected structure within hours or days as apposed to normal construction practice that can take several weeks. This is beneficial for sites that need rapid and low waste building systems.  


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