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The Dynablok protective technology allows for the build of relatively low weight modular units that can be assembled into different types of cluster structures. These units provide efficient Blast, Ballistic and physical protection for its occupants.

The expeditionary nature of the construction allows for the build of such units in various conflict zones worldwide.

The modular units can be assembled to create:

- Cubicle Guard houses / Safe rooms

- Small, Medium and Large structures configuration (Accomodation, Offices, DFAIT, Command and Control centres, etc)

- Guard Towers

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Dynawall Protective Walling System provides solutions against:

- Close range Vehicle Bomb Improvised Explosive Devices

- Contact Personal Borne Improvised Explosive Devices (PBIED)

- Direct fire of small arms up to 0.5 Cal ammunition

- Fragments from indirect fire (Mortar and Rockets)

- Force Entry

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