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The Protective Walling System provides a higher level of protection, compared to "regular" concrete T barriers.

Modular Design

The blocks are designed to interlock, so that the wall acts as one piece. Every wall is inspected to verify that the correct level of re-bar and the right PSI concrete infill has been utilised. The walling system combines two of the most advance blast and ballistic protection systems to offer an advanced level of protection against loss of life and assets in a blast scenario.


Protective walling system has been implemented in different locations worldwide providing high levels of protection for various private, government and military establishments such as Military Forward Operating Bases, Entry Control Points, Perimeter Defence systems etc.

Testing & certifications

Our Walling system has been specifically developed to defeat the effects of high order pressure waves. This system is tested & improved in conjunction with government agencies such as TSWG (US), CoE (US) UK MoD, DERA, and DSTL UK, and government contracted commercial firms such as QinetiQ UK, Explora Security Ltd UK, Explosives Manufacturing Industries Ltd & others.

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The Dynawall Protective Walling System includes a variety of barriers ranging in size and protective performance.  These includes barriers 2 meter high up to 7 meter high. All barriers are designed to be relocatable as required.

Dynawall Protective Walling System provides solutions against:

- Close range Vehicle Bomb Improvised Explosive Devices

- Contact Personal Borne Improvised Explosive Devices (PBIED)

- Direct fire of small arms up to 0.5 Cal ammunition

- Fragments from indirect fire (Mortar and Rockets)

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