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Durable and reliable design
Dynasystems Electro Hydraulic Bollards have been designed to operate under difficult weather conditions as well as operating in a high capacity traffic scenario, such as Entry Control Points. Furthermore, the innovative engine design allows for complete recovery of a malfunctioning bollard within 30 minutes, without the need for specially trained engineers. This is achieved by simply removing the damaged piston and replacing it with a new one.

Architectural variations
Dynasystems Bollards are available in a variety of different architectural finishes such as zinc, metal or painted.  An optional radial  LED set can be supplied to ensure that the bollards are visible in all conditions.

Integral traffic control system
Dynasystems Bollards can be supplied as complete traffic control sets that include an Electric Arm Barrier,  a LED Traffic Light and front and back Loop Detectors.

Security through testing
Dynasystems Bollards are crash tested to the highest category of impact in accordance with methods and practices approved by NATO, US TSWG and UK MoD amongst others. Furthermore the Dynasystems Bollards have undergone impact tests in Russia to certify them against Russian made vehicles, which are widely used in specific High Threat areas such as Iraq and Afghanistan. Dynasystems Bollards can be supplied as K12, K8 and K4 (U.S State Department rating).

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