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Main features

  • Full height, , electrically controlled substantive steel turnstile, designed for access
  •     control, to secure areas.
  • The turnstile allows single passage for each “release command”
  • An internal heavy duty micro switch locks the rotor automatically after passage.
  • Designed to work with any card reader.
  • Designed for outdoor conditions.  The rugged construction ensures trouble-free performance and durability.


  • Rotation is smooth, using an integrated hydraulic speed controller, which slows the arms at the end of the rotation, to prevent the arms springing back harming the passing person,  the arms always stop at the same point.
  • This hydraulic speed slower also reduces the metallic noise, and contributes to long term reliability and trouble free operation.
  • Any combination of fail-lock or fail-safe is available.
  • The turnstile is fabricated from galvanized steel, and painted to customer colour.
  • There are 3 rotor sections for each 120 degrees of passage space, thereby allowing greater comfort in use.
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Electrical Controller Specification


A one way directional electrically controlled turnstile, while the other direction is either always free (open), or always locked – as per customer’s order.

A two way directional electrically controlled turnstile. Each direction is controlled by separated command input.

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