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Request for new 7m Dynatower received from US Military

30th May 2017

Dynasystems have received a contract through the US Military to supply & install a 7 meter blast resistant Dynatower. This watch tower is to be installed at one of their bases in East Africa. This project is expected to be completed shortly. 


Due to the high threat level in the region, the need for the protection of personnel and critical infrastructure is essential.


Dynasystems Dynatower’s incorporate innovative force protection designs including specialist high grade concrete, energy-absorbing systems and include blast & ballistic resistant windows.  These features allow Dynatowers to withstand far greater pressures from blast attacks in comparison with other ‘conventionally’ designed watch towers.


Dynatowers are constructed from precast modular units, a design which allows exceptional flexibility to fit mission requirements.  This enables Dynatower’s to be rapidly installed in a range of heights and fit-outs. It also enables the watch towers to be easily redeployed for use in different operations and applications.


Paul Gaston, Managing Director, Dynasystems, commented on the contract: “The recent activities of the terrorist group Al-Shabaab has seen threat levels continue to rise in East Africa.  This presents a critical need for perimeter protection against blast and ballistic threats to ensure the continued safety of personnel and operations in and around the region. Dynatowers ensure that personnel and critical infrastructure can be quickly and easily protected whilst maintaining world class levels of over-watch.”


About Dynatower


The Dynatower is a blast and ballistic resistant watch tower constructed from precast modular units, each with its own characteristics. The modular tower can be installed quickly and redeployed for use in different operations and applications, offering turn-key solutions for advanced perimeter security. The blast resistant Dynatower incorporates innovative force protection systems and technologies such as high-grade proprietary concrete mixtures, energy-diverting shapes, energy-absorbing blast-resistant windows and secure surveillance and health systems. 


The basic Dynatower can be upgraded with the addition of a variety of equipment such as machine gun mounts, firing ports and air-conditioning units. Rooftop access allows for the installation of other equipment such as automated machine gun mounts, long range scanning devices and networked communications equipment.


Dynatowers have undergone continuous testing and development in live fire exercises to ensure its reliability and personnel safety. These tests have been conducted in accordance with the standards, methods and practices approved by NATO, US Government’s Technical Support Working Group and the UK Ministry of Defence.


About Dynasystems


Dynasystems is a company with global reach that produces a wide range of Blast & Ballistic mitigation products and systems. With over 15 years of experience supporting defence and commercial markets, Dynasystems has developed a high level of expertise in the security, architecture and engineering industries. Dynasystems is dedicated to improving perimeter security to ensure personnel, assets and operations are protected against blast, ballistic and hostile vehicle effects.


Dynasystems products include Blast Resistant Watch Towers, Entry-Control Systems (guard booths, bollards, barriers and turnstiles), Protective Walling Systems, Ballistic Windows, Blast Resistant Structures and Universal Construction Systems. For more information on our products visit


Press Contact:

Telephone:  +44 20 7384 2700



Example of a modular blast resistant 7M Dynatower:

Blast Resistant 7m Dynatower
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