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NATO increase order for Blast Resistant Dynablok Barriers

5th August 2016

NATO have requested the supply and installation of additional Dynasystems Dynablok barriers for one of their facilities in Afghanistan in support of Operation Resolute Support.  


Due to ongoing expansion activities, the new Dynablok barriers are essential in order to expand and improve the bases’ advanced perimeter security.



Dyansystems has a long track record of providing high level protection products to meet the ever changing operational requirements of both the military and of national critical infrastructure.



The solution for NATO includes a 7 meter wall structure designed to provide mitigation from blast from large explosive detonations as well as from direct fire weapons. It is designed to be manufactured off-site and to be rapidly installed by crane so as not to reduce the integrity of an existing perimeter or interfere with day to day operations. Looking to the future, and despite its size, the Dynablok barriers are truck-transportable and can be redeployed quickly should a perimeter change in size, shape or location.


“Whether you require temporary roadblocks, permanent or re-deployable perimeter fencing, or concrete security blocks, Dynasystems Dynablok provides blast proof barriers of all sizes to suit any need.” said Paul Gaston, Managing Director, Dynasystems. “These barriers act as part of a Hostile Vehicle Mitigation system to mitigate vehicle-ramming attacks or vehicle born IED’s.” he added. “Not to mention providing sturdy anti-observation.

























About Dynablok


The Dynablok wall system is based on a composition of reinforced concrete encased between two linked Dynablok panels. Proprietary composite materials allows Dynablok walls to ‘bend’ by increasing energy absorbent capabilities to nearly twice that of a regular reinforced concrete wall.

The Dynablok walling system is recognised as a "green" building technology due to its use of recycled materials, which also provides excellent thermal, acoustic and electro-magnetic insulation as well as being fire-resistant.

Dynablok has undergone extensive government sponsored research and development programmes which comprised of laboratory tests, full scale explosive tests and analytical models. The tests and trials on the Dynablok walling system have been undertaken and documented by a number of International Authorities including US Army Corps of Engineers, US TSWG, US Air Force Research Laboratories, NL TNO, UK MOD, UK DERA, and UK Royal Engineers.


About Dynasystems


Dynasystems is a global company that produces a wide range of Blast & Ballistic mitigation products and systems. With over 15 years of experience supporting defence and commercial markets, Dynasystems developed a high level of expertise in the security, architecture and engineering industries. Dynasystems are dedicated to improving perimeter security to ensure personnel, assets and operations are protected against blast, ballistic and hostile vehicle effects.


Dynasystems products include Blast Resistant Watch Towers, Entry-Control Systems (guard booths, bollards, barriers and turnstiles), Protective Walling Systems, Ballistic Windows, Blast Resistant Structures and Universal Construction Systems. For more information on our products visit


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Dynablok barriers

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