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Dynasystems to supply Dynashield Blast Resistant Windows to Iconic Washington Landmark Building.

7th September 2016

Dynasystems have been contracted to supply, transport and install Dynasystems Clear-Bar Window Systems at the iconic headquarters of a Government building in Washington D.C., USA.  The building close to the National Mall and is part of the capital’s unique architecture.


The Dynasystems Clear-Bar Window System contains ultra-clear polycarbonate ‘bars’. The system can be retrofitted on existing windows against the effects of a blast by preventing the glazed pane from shattering and flying inwards. It also provides an effective barrier against break-in attempts, even after a blast incident.


The need for blast and ballistic rated windows is seen as critical for Washington’s architecture and institutions – Dynasystems Clear-Bar Window System, and other products, help in protecting life, assets and infrastructure from the threat of intentional and accidental blast attacks.


The client was conscious that even an explosion away from the building could cause pressure waves inflicting severe damage and endangering personnel in their building. The measures taken will reduce this threat significantly.


“We are honoured to have been asked to supply and install our high-grade Dynashield window systems for such a high-profile US Government building. This will provide the client with the advanced protection they need should a blast event occur.” said Paul Gaston, Managing Director, Dynasystems.


About Clear-Bar Window Systems


Dynashield Clear-bar System - a ‘catch’ system comprising of ultra-clear polycarbonate bars retrofit to existing windows against the effects of a blast by preventing the glazed pane from shattering and flying inwards.


Dynasystems Clear-Bar Window System

About Dynasystems

Dynasystems is a global company that produces a wide range of Blast & Ballistic mitigation products and systems. With over 15 years of experience supporting defence and commercial markets, Dynasystems developed a high level of expertise in the security, architecture and engineering industries. Dynasystems is dedicated to improving perimeter security to ensure personnel, assets and operations are protected against blast, ballistic and hostile vehicle effects.


Dynasystems products include Blast Resistant Watch Towers, Entry-Control Systems (guard booths, bollards, barriers and turnstiles), Protective Walling Systems, Ballistic Windows, Blast Resistant Structures and Universal Construction Systems. For more information on our products visit


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Telephone:  +44 20 7384 2700


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