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Dynasystems has over 15 years of experience in producing Watch Towers for defence and commercial markets to the specific and demanding requirements of our clients wherever there are in the world and frequently in extremely hostile and remote locations. We are able to deploy our teams to any destination and specialise in those considered high-risk environments.

Using a genuine Dynasystems product dramatically improves your perimeter security, ensuring accurate observation, monitoring and action against a range of threats, providing protection for personnel, assets and operations against significant blast, ballistic and hostile vehicle effects.

Dynasystems products are tested and certified in conjunction with Government Agencies, such as TSWG (US), UK MoD, DSTL and by Government contracted commercial firms.

Dynasystems Watch Towers are available with a range of protection criteria, heights, weights and accessories to fit most requirements.

DUCS Tower.jpg
7m Blast Resistant Dynatower
  • Designed for rapid and simple on-site assembly.

  • Scalable level of protection to match operational requirements.

  • Variety of heights available.

  • Fits into standard ISO container for simple transport to remote and/or difficult locations.

  • Tested in live-fire exercises to ensure reliability.

  • High level of blast and ballistic resistance.

  • Precast modular unit design.

  • Designed for ease of deployment and redeployment.

  • Multiple possible upgrade solutions.

  • Variety of heights available.

  • Tested in live-fire exercises to ensure reliability.

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